Since 2012, I have specialized mainly in medical law, including cases involving medical negligence. I have represented all sides: patients, doctors, and medical institutions. The know-how I have gained in representing different parties has given me a unique look at the specific needs of each party. I also conduct compensation cases and product liability proceedings.


I only recognize and abide by the highest professional standards, and my work is invariably my passion. My work is characterized by great attention to detail - this is the feature that often determines success. I always look for practical solutions best suited to my clients' needs.


I have fourteen years of professional experience that I have gained in renowned International and Polish law firms. Before I founded my law firm, for 11 years I was a member of one of the best litigation teams in Poland at Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak, and for 8 years, I was a partner in the law firm.


As an advocate, I have led complex court cases involving numerous areas of law, including: civil, medical, compensation, business, family, criminal, and labour law. These were often complex proceedings where the outcome of one dispute affected my client’s position in another. I skillfully managed these situations to take a positive ruling from one court case to gain favourable outcomes in other related cases. This allowed my clients to negotiate satisfactory settlements and avoid long-running disputes.

As a result, my depth of experience and successes have given me a sense of professional confidence. I trust myself - I know that I can look at a case holistically, properly and effectively assess risks, and lead my client’s cases in an optimal way.

Joanna Wielgolawska-Pilas​

I specialize in medical law, including disputes regarding medical negligence and product liability cases.

Since 2015, I have been a member of PEOPIL (The Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers), the European organisation of lawyers that deal with compensation cases.

I am the President of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Law Section of the Regional Bar Council in Warsaw.


Sienna 57A lok. 14
00-820 Warsaw

+48 600-870-182