I specialize in medical law, including disputes concerning medical negligence and compensation cases, including product liability cases.

For patients

I represent patients in cases of medical negligence:

  • in court proceedings for the consequences of medical negligence, including: damages, compensation, loss of earnings, and determining liability,
  • in cases involving the infringement of patient rights,
  • in proceedings to increase the amount awarded for loss of earnings,
  • in negotiations with doctors, hospitals, and clinics,
  • in proceedings involving the insurers of medical entities, and
  • in mediation proceedings.

I represent injured parties in proceedings concerning liability for malfunctioning products, in particular medical devices.

For foreign lawyers

I advise on Polish compensation law, in particular, I prepare expert opinions on Polish compensation law.

I represent foreigners before the Polish courts and assist in cases that involve Polish law conducted before foreign courts.

For manufacturers and distributors

I represent manufacturers and distributors in cases concerning product liability.

I advise on communicating with people reporting damage, and in proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

I have successfully represent numerous manufacturers and distributors in court proceedings.